A Valid Will versus an Estate Plan

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A Valid Will versus an Estate Plan - Courtney Mullen -

A valid will versus an estate plan

A Canberra Times article published on 11 October 2017 reads ‘Unsent text message with a smiley face counted as a valid will, court rules’ reminds us that even if you have a ‘valid Will’, it can still be challenged.

The Queensland Supreme Court found that an unsent text message on the phone of a 55-year-old man who took his o

I DID IT MY WAY: The case against Will Kits

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I DID IT MY WAY: The case against Will Kits - Timothy Morton -

Will Kit

Why should I come to see a lawyer to do a Will – can’t I just get a Will Kit?  This is a question that I am often asked as an estate planning lawyer. 

I have tended to answer this question by saying that a person’s circumstances or their instructions are seldom simple from a legal perspective and this means that mistakes are very common in Will Kits and additional (unnecessary) legal expenses or tax is likely to be incurred.

While this is certainly true, the bigger-picture answer is that the service I am offering is fundamentally different.  A Will Kit is just that:  a kit with which to prepare a Will.  Estate planning services provided by a specialist estate planning l