Meet Our Lawyers

Kathryn Heuer

Kathryn is one of our directors. When Kathryn graduated with her law degree in 1989 she knew that she wanted to work in an area that helped people directly. This led her to family law and Kathryn has worked in the area ever since.
Kathryn has honed her skills in dispute resolution and is a senior lawyer in Canberra. Kathryn is passionate about family law, estate planning and will disputes, Kathryn’s practice has been described by a good friend of hers as “family law for the dead and the living”.

Timothy Morton

Tim joined the firm in 2016 having worked solely in wills and estates across all Australian jurisdictions since his admission in 2011. Unsurprisingly, he comes to the firm with a deep passion for all things estates – whether it be estate planning, probate, estate administration, and estate dispute resolution. He uses his knowledge to bring clarity to estate matters and has a particular ability to come up with simple solutions to tricky estate planning needs. He particularly enjoys using his knowledge to save clients from unnecessary tax burdens.

Ying Tan

Ying joined the firm in 2017. In joining the team here at Canberra Wills Lawyers, she has taken the move to specialise in her true passion –  assisting individuals and families with their strategic end of life plans and assisting executors (who are often close friends or family members of deceased loved ones) in navigating the complexities of estate administration efficiently in times when grief and emotions run high.